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Hey! Who else out there like, crazy sad?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Hey! Who else out there like, crazy sad?
Hey! Who else out there like, crazy sad?

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I am. That’s how I got my username

Look at the Url at the top of your screen. Its MassimoL. End of thread.

Sad boiii club. But I do look forward to a day where I don’t have even the tiniest desire to kill myself.

Me. I almost asked to go home from work today because of it. Good way to win over your co workers lol..

I was four years old when I told my mom how much I hated myself. She was tucking me into bed while my dad was tucking in my older brother, and I just came out with it. It scared the hell outta my mom because what 4 year-old says that? She remembers, but I remember even more vividly. I was sad, and it’s only gotten worse and more intense in the 33 years since, even after 7 years of weekly individual and group therapy.

Note: I don’t say any of this to make sadness a competition. It’s not. I say it so that someone else feels less isolated in living most of their life in treatment-resistant depression. You will no doubt feel alone, but make a little space for the thought that you aren’t, and the fact that you have no idea how to get better is not a failing on your part… it’s completely human to be overwhelmed by this.