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How are you today?

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How are you today?

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Sad… Always the same shit!

Bored of my online classes

I wish I was a baller. I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a ‘64 impala.

Long story but I feel like this is the place to drop it, so here goes:

Last Friday I was on a call with two friends. We were playing among us randoms with each other (don’t worry we didn’t snitch on the imposter in the call). So we were doing it for a while when I started noticing a player named ‘June’. After a while she started addressing me by my in-game name and some time later she even started covering for me. My and my friend were in the call and spoke about her. My in-game alliance with June strengthened over time. My friends and I started to suspect that she was simping. I’m personally a 15-year old Dutch kid who really wants a relationship. So I asked her if she was female. She said yes. She asked if I was male. I answered yes. She asked where I live. I said ‘the south of the Netherlands’. She told me she lived in the UK. At one point we were in a game that felt endless. At one of the emergency meeting like 10-15 minutes in she said something along the lines of ‘let it last a bit longer’. At this point my friends and I went crazy. As the night came to an end I told what my Instagram account was called. And wouldn’t you know it. Me and my friends had a group chat with her a few minutes later. We communicated heavily trough this group chat. My friends felt some chemistry between me and June. I’m gonna be honest. I want a relationship with her. So we started messaging each other privately mainly. Hoew ever. I don’t know what June looks like. She has a photography account and hasn’t posted her face on her account. I get that. She also told me she’s pretty introverted. I privately asked her what she looks like but she wasn’t that comfortable with me yet. This can mean two things. Either she lied about her identity or she is just not comfortable sharing her face with a stranger, I completely get that. Right now I’m focusing to get a good friendship. I’m full of doubt tho. Is a long-distance relationship worth it? Does she just want to be friends? Do I even have romantic feelings for her (I didn’t make it clear earlier. But she is 15 years old as well). Oh and I’ve got a physics exam tomorrow so wish me luck with both.

Tl;dr not sure if I should go for a long distance relationship or not. And I’ve got a physics exam tomorrow