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How can you calm yourself if you have a panic attack?

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How can you calm yourself if you have a panic attack?

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OK here are a couple things-

  1. Try, it’s a great way to calm yourself down and not feel like you have to deal with everything alone.
  2. Count backwards from hundred, exhaling every three counts – 97, 94, 91 etc.
  3. Draw a square on your wrist with your finger, take a deep breath at the start of each side and release at the end, continue making each square bigger than the last to have deeper breaths.
  4. Describe what you see around you in detail – “I see a round blue ball.”
  5. Have a contact you can call to talk you down.
  6. If they are very frequent make an ‘anxiety kit’ in which you can put the things that can calm you down – inhalers, pills, your favorite books,chocolates, pictures of loved ones, trinkets etc. Make sure to keep it where you can easily reach it and let others know about it so they can help you get it in case you can’t.
  7. Listen to upbeat or soothing music, distract yourself.
  8. Remember everything will be okay and you are not alone, help is always available and you just have to ask for it.

No matter what you can do from the above list, take deep breaths, you might feel like you can’t breathe when in fact you are hyperventilating. I repeat, take deep breaths, this is very important.

Unfortunately once you’re in one it’s kinda just gonna do its own thing.

It’s more helpful to be able to recognize signs of them coming on and doing deep breathing exercizes as well as thought redirection so you can prevent it at all.

That said, the breathing and thought redirection is still worth doing even if you’re already in an attack.

I go into the basement, lie down on the bed, and violently roll around on it until I’m tired.

My therapist taught me the square breathing technique and it helps me a lot. Basically you breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds. It helps regulate your breathing and gives you something for your brain to focus on.

Listen to Enter Sandman so loud you can feel it. The anxiety melts away.