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How did you find out you got cheated on?

Ooph, this is going to be a shit memory to bring up. They called me from their phone while they were getting it on. When I called them out about it……they literally accused me of invading their privacy by listening for 30 seconds….dang im still in love with the gal too. 12 years though, no contact, cant get over it though. I did deserve it, still a shit way and a shit response by them.

just a hunch, but I think you shoulda put a serious tag if you wanted legit answers

My ex girlfriends ex boyfriend. Dude is a legend and straight up said “I know we have our differences, but “Jane Doe” is cheating on you with multiple guys. This was shortly after Tinder became a thing.

Bro’s always look out for each-other, even if we have our differences. I asked about it, and she started crying and admitted to it.

Well I came in and I caught him red handed creeping with the girl next door, they were butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor. He just gave me a spare key too, and all he said was “It wasn’t me”

I paid for her to go on holiday out of my own money because she said she was too depressed and needed to have a break. I later found out she was actually in the hometown of her ex. When I confronted her, she admitted she had sex with her ex. It was the most difficult time of my life. I almost committed suicide by jumping off a bridge, but the police officer closest to me had superhuman reflexes and pulled me back. I owe my life to him. Anyways, this was the beginning of the end of the relationship for me, but, being me, I pressed on and tried to find out everything she kept from me. Turns out, she cheated on me multiple times with many different people, and she did this to a lot of guys. The relationship made me feel like I was pathetic. Like I wasn’t worthy of love. That I was just someone to fuc*. I eventually got over it and learned there’s so much more to life than a relationship, but looking back, it was a horrible way to find out I’d been cheated on. My own money was used just to have a one night stand. I felt absolutely used, worthless and not worth being alive. The sad thing about it all, was the amount of effort and FBI style espionage I had to put in to learn the truth.