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How did you find out you got cheated on?

He told me a year after he’d been doing it regularly, while we were on a trip to another state. Then when we got home he offered to show me the multiple sex tapes he’d made with her.

He didn’t understand why I broke up with him shortly after that and kept coming by the house when I was asleep/at home. I still have the big long 6-page hand-typed letter he left on my front porch.

He was cheating on me with my friend and my friend figured it out and told me.

My ex-boyfriend told me on Valentine’s Day. My young and weak self stayed with him and suffered through physical and emotional abuse from him for 2 years after that. I finally escaped him when I moved away for university. He threatened to show up and I told him that the door the my building is locked, my dorm room is locked, and you will NOT be let in. That was that, it’s years later and I still suffer severe anxiety and panic attacks from his abuse

My girlfriend told me she did bc she felt so bad about it.