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How do I get my S/O ring size accurately and discreatly?

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I'm planning on proposing to my girlfriend of 7 years in about a month and I have no clue what her ring size is, any tips, Thanks!

Edit: Thanks so much for the platinum kind stranger!

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Woman here: had an ex once ask for all of my sizes. Shoe, dress, pants, shirt, ring, bra…everything. He wanted the S,M,L equivalent to all the numbered sizes. He even wanted to know what necklace chain length I preferred. We hadn’t been dating all that long (8 months-ish) so a ring wasn’t even in my head. And, yes, I thought it was weird at first. He said, “I know what I want to get you when I want to get it but never know what size. Women’s sizes are weird!” (So true for most things). He used that list to purchase gifts for me for the duration of our relationship. He was a proficient gift-giver.

Turns out, he had checked the tag in my jeans for comparison to some pjs he wanted to get me. Tag said 4 (I was young, hush.) but pjs only came in S,M and L. We didn’t make it to an engagement ring but I always thought it was an awesome approach. Of course, I made him do the same for me. Made gifting so much simpler.

Edit: As an after thought, you could even approach it as, “Got this from MassimoL. Here are all my sizes. (Include ring size ffs) Can you do the same for me?” Also, include your wrist measurement in case she wants to get you a watch. Not all watches are one size fits all. Learned that the hard way.

Doesn’t help with getting the size, but ask one of her friends to take her out to get their nails done. That way her nails will look good for when she wants to take photos with the ring.

Have her tickle your prostrate, then schedule a prostrate exam and ask the examiner to use different fingers until it feel just like hers. Then size the examiner’s finger.


Do you have a sister? Ask her to get it out of her with girl talk or jewelry shopping.

I got my old class ring out one day, casually “cleaning out boxes,” and asked him to try it on (it was too big). I said, “Wow. I wear a size 10 ring, you must be a size 7. Right?” He corrected me and said 6 and bam. Had no clue two weeks later.

The trick is waiting a while before you reveal the ring.