Arthur has let the Joker out before THEORY WITH SPOILERS

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Arthur has let the Joker out before THEORY WITH SPOILERS e ci spiega:

[JOKER FILM, 2019] I'm still curious. It never does say why he was in Arkham the first time around. She asks if he's thought more about why he was locked up. And his response?

“Who knows?”

She notices this odd response and makes a note of it. It's a very strange response that nobody has seemed to pick up on. You either have thought about why you were locked up or you haven't. It's the only time Arthur is obviously being ambiguous. He clearly didn't want to talk about it. Maybe he'd already done Joker like behaviour previously, was locked up, let out after he “got better”, and was put on 7 different medications which stifled the Joker side of him that previously put him in Arkham. Without that Joker side he is just lifeless and depressed, so he thinks more medication will help this, not realising it's the medication that's helping to cover up that part of himself. It's only when he stops taking his medication that the Joker side of him fully starts to come out again. But maybe to a larger extent than last time.

He admits to Randall…

“I've stopped taking my medication. I feel a lot better now.”

Kills mother just before
Kills Randall horrifically
Laughs at battery of police officers
Kills talk show host and laughs

He also just seems healthier. He moves with vitality.

I've read about how some people on anti depressants had bad experiences. One person claimed their emotions felt smothered in plastic wrap, like they knew they were under there but they're totally suffocated and they can't access them. Sounds a lot like Arthur's Joker when on medication. When off medication he is more brutal, more energetic, more care free, and even manages to make some good but nihilistic points in the Murray interview. I can see that more savage and clear minded version of himself being cunning and influential in a future film, like the Joker we know. Medicated Arthur was held back.

Also, this would explain why in the first counseling session she seems visibly disturbed by his laughing condition. She is a professional and knows it's a condition but she looks very uneasy when the camera cuts to her. If he'd let the Joker out before and now he's in front of her laughing like that it totally makes sense why she'd look at him with fear. It would also explain why she was cold and didn't seem eager to help him. She probably thinks he still belongs in Arkham and is frightened. One thing is certain though. He did something which landed him in Arkham and we don't know what it is.

Arthur has let the Joker out before THEORY WITH SPOILERS