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How do suspects in famous/high profile crimes live their daily lives?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: How do suspects in famous/high profile crimes live their daily lives?

Casey Anthony

George Zimmerman

OJ Simpson

Suspects in infamous cases who large portions of the population think were guily but who were found innocent.

Regardless of if they were innocent or guilty (not the point of this thread, please don't comment about that)

Large portions of the population believe they were guilty

How do they not have constant vigilante attacks against them? Or in the cases of those who aren't rich how do they get jobs and go shopping and all that normal stuff. It seems like it would be impossible to live in society under these circumstances.

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From what I understand, it’s very very difficult for these people. This is one of the many reasons our justice system is built on a presumption of innocence.

People in high-profile cases with money have often moved to out-of-the-way places, go out in disguise, hire bodyguards personal security and people to do menial tasks for them.

And yes, there are plenty of cases where people attempt to execute vigilante justice on them for what they feel is a miscarriage of Justice.

You can easily read up on them. George Zimmerman has had a batshit life after 2012, just doing crazy things and getting shot at. Casey Anthony is in witness protection or something similar I think.

I often wonder what will become of Brock Turner.

In Australia, the main one is Cardinal George Pell. Just about everyone thinks he’s guilty of rape, and the only reason he got off was because although the victims allegations were entirely plausible, and there was no evidence that he didn’t do it, there was no evidence that he did either (which is absolutely assholey if you ask me). He’s been trying to live a quiet life from what I can tell, although it wouldn’t be so great for the people that recognise him. Regardless of whether he is personally guilty or not, he still facilitated and ignored complaints about many other cases, which makes people just hate him more. It’s probably easier for him to live his life since he’s retired.

I, too, wonder this