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How do you deal with an overly friendly neighbor who asks too many questions about your life when you happen to be outdoors at the same time?

here are some tips from 150% introvert

  1. don’t go into much details
    2.speak monotonously and without any interest
  2. don’t look him in the eyes, better at the phone
  3. never ask him ‘And you?/Hbu?’ and etc
    and that’s it. Give it some time and he won’t give a fuck about you

Good stun guns make good neighbors

I like to call it the public-transit-glare

Have some empty space where you can plant some plants/vegetables/…Have nothing in them but have some labels indicating the worst/weird kind of plants for him to read.

‘The good kush’

‘the okay kind of kush’

‘My aunt May’

‘ Future money tree’

Just freak him a little, maybe he’ll ask about it and make more fun OR he’ll be less talkative.

Again, I’m not the person to have small-talk with. I just can’t get the effort to give a F.So This is my way to have some fun or just be grey-rocking them like I always do. (some people don’t ask questions but always state the obvious like; I see you cut the grass… Yes I did)

Lie and make up super crazy shit. Remember when Tony Soprano had his dipshit neighbor hold a bag of rocks telling him it was something very important and he needed him to hold onto it for him for a while.