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How do you deal with an overly friendly neighbor who asks too many questions about your life when you happen to be outdoors at the same time?

Ask em’ about their life, the same way they do.

If you’re not very open to chat, just keep things polite yet quick. It’s nice to have a good relationship with your neighbors. If they do delve into personal questions, just say “that’s a bit personal, I’d rather not talk about that.” Most important thing is to be polite. Don’t be an asshole, or act standoffish when it’s not necessary.

Honestly, just use some common sense. Don’t be a “redditor”, is all I’m saying.

Look honestly I have very poor social awareness and no filter at all so they would probably hear about how my chronic illnesses have resulted in constipation so bad that I have to be on laxatives for 6 months to restart my bowels and the consequences that all of this has on my sex life.

I fully accept that I am the reason that I have very few friends

I say something like “Oh, I don’t wanna get into that, but have you heard about so and so?” Or if I really don’t want to talk at all, I’ll say that I’m not feeling too well and we’ll catch up another time. Then if this happens again, I’ll pretend to take a phone call. After a while, hopefully they get the hint and if not, then I guess I would just have to move. 😉

Just be an adult and say you don’t really want to talk? Sometimes just being direct is best.