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How does one humanely kill a mouse that’s stuck on a glue trap?

I 100% read this as “how to humanly kill a moose that’s stuck on a mouse trap”

And man, I was confused. I thought, “wait, why not just let the moose go? It’s way bigger than a mouse trap. Also, how did a moose get stuck in a mouse trap?

But, it makes a lot more sense now. Maybe I need to go to sleep, it’s 5am… Oops

Edit: after reading through the replies, I think I probably came up with the best option.

So, it would use something like this, but maybe a tiny bit smaller so that it’s mouse sized instead of people sized.

Teach it to smoke. That should kill it. Eventually.

Dry ice and water will put it to sleep in an enclosed jar. Probably the most humane besides a basic mouse trap.

You can remove them without killing them by using vegetable oil.

I poisoned one before and felt so horrible as it was dying that I had to mercy kill it by laying it in the driveway, cranking the music, and running it over with he car. From then on I used the coke bottle and bucket method then let them go away from the house. I know they’ll probably come back but that’s fine since theres no real humane way to kill them. As long as they arent destroying shit I’ll keep it up