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How Important is Physical Affection to You?

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How important is it that you receive or give physical affection in any stages of dating or relationships?

Ed ecco le risposte del genere femminile:

Very very important, from holding hands to sex.

Each in its own appropriate situations and settings, of course.

More important that I realised. I like holding hands, forehead kisses, cuddles. I’ve only recently started dating and I didn’t realise I would like touch/being touched this much. Because that’s not me in platonic relationships

Very important. I’m a very affectionate person so I need that reciprocated.

Physical touch is important, but sex is probably the least important form of physical affection to me.

In a romantic relationship, very important. That’s what makes it special/different than any other relationships jn your life (I.e. friendship, family)

I wasn’t always a touchy-feely person, but now I realize it’s a huge deal. I need it, I crave it. And it’s so much more than the sexual aspect; it’s the emotional connection behind it.

One of my top priorities. I need physical affection, it’s my #1 love language

I’m not a touchy person so I don’t really care for it. Tbh I can live without being touched and prefer it that way.

I only make physical affection a priority when it is my partner’s love language and it would make them feel more loved. Then I’ll hug them and kiss them and hold their hand and caress their back as much as possible😀

Any kind of touching as a connection.

Extremely high importance. Holding hands while driving, arm around my shoulder while standing around in public. Gentle touch on the arm as you walk past me on the room. Smack my ass while we’re making breakfast on the weekend. Little kiss on the forehead when we’re laying in bed watching TV.

Those little moments are where intimacy is created for me. Don’t have those, everything else is gonna break apart.

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