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How would you describe the woman you know who all the guys are always after?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.How would you describe the woman you know who all the guys are always after?

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She’s a lovely person. Warm, friendly, intelligent, excellent conversationalist, passionate about her hobbies and life, dedicated, very comfortable and happy within herself. She’s very charming and listens to people like they are the only person in the world. Men regularly fall for her in a conversation or two which annoys her greatly, but it’s not like she’s doing anything wrong or trying to attract these people. She’s not even interested in anyone as more than friends, so it’s difficult for her to have so many people interested in her like that.

Equally blessed and cursed

She’s confident and funny, open and friendly with everyone. She’s kind and generous. She is beautiful but that’s not what captures your attention about her. She is almost always smiling and pushes herself- academically, physically, and emotionally. She’s had a lot of guy friends over the years fall for her and it’s made it awkward and even destroyed some of her friendships. It’s unfortunate because she’s just such an amazing friend and I don’t think those guys have gotten that kind of friendship elsewhere and allowed the closeness they felt to become a crush or romantic feelings. She’s had a lot of experience in letting those guys down gracefully.

Ridiculously conventionally pretty, skinny, feminine, charming, and a bit more on the quiet side but not shy. Also married since practically forever and like the least flirtatious person I’ve ever known, but that’s seemingly never affected anything.

Bombshell. She’s gorgeous, smart, funny, and confident as hell

Edit to add: I love this thread! We’re all hyping up our babes

Physically, she carries herself with grace and has an alluring aura that is hard to miss. Her smile is infectious, and her eyes reflect a combination of intelligence, kindness, and a hint of mystery….


Really, what’s most important here is that physically she is very conventionally attractive and knows how to show it off.

My best friend is open, honest, crazy, intense, untamed, smart, unassuming, sensitive, tall and pretty. She’s the kind of woman all the guys want but don’t know what to do when they have her. She’s my main point of reference for that kind of woman all the guys are after and I don’t envy her in the least. It looks like a terrible time to be the woman most guys want

Bold af and funny. She’s hilarious and has no shame. Incredibly honest and upfront. Pretty but wouldn’t fall into the “conventional” category of it.

Oh a former coworker comes to mind. She’s great. She’s this almost annoyingly good looking Australian surfer chick type and has to be one of the most kind, warm, and just lovely people I’ve ever met. She’s one of those people that makes anyone that speaks to her feel like they have her undivided attention. She‘s also smart, caring, fun, hard working and cheery, but not in annoying way. I didn’t know her for long or all that well, but from what I see on social media she’s constantly asked to be a maid of honour in like a billion of her friends’ weddings and it’s no surprise to me. She’s freaking sunshine in human form. And yeah, the guys tend to fall at her feet, do not blame them one bit.

Ridiculously beautiful, tall, and fit. She’s also extremely kind, friendly, smart, etc. If I was into women, I’d want to date her too. Every time we went out, she would get asked out on dates

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