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I just ended a 10-year relationship and feel rudderless. What am I supposed to do now?

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I'm older than most on here (55+) but I'd still like some advice. I just spent 10 years with my girlfriend and her family spending most of my time helping raise the kids and keeping the household running. That ended three months ago.

Now I basically have no more obligations, and all the time in the world to do whatever I want. I have some money and I'm in really good health. My own kids are grown, moved, and married.

And yet here I sit doing almost nothing and worse, I have no idea what I want to do. I know a lot of it is rediscovering my own interests, but frankly everything I think of seems mundane and pointless. I know with absolute certainty I don't want another relationship. Not right now and possibly never.

I'm at life's 7th inning stretch and I'm not ready to come out of the game. So how does one go about rediscovering the things worthy of attention and passion like it was in younger days? Is that even possible in the autumn years?

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I’m your age, and I know the situation well. You’re still in the grieving stage, so just chill out, go to the gym, and reconnect with your friends. Time to form new social bonds. That’s it. It gets better, bro. Trust me.

Psst hey! you didn’t hear it here, but i heard it is fun to grow mushrooms. Regular ones or special ones

Went through a divorce a few years ago. Was with my ex since college (10+ years). I remember moving into my own place and crying profusely bc I couldn’t put together a simple shower caddy. I laugh at it now bc I’m pretty self sufficient. The point is you will have to wade through the emotions to process the break up. I kept a digital journal (Perspective App) and reading entries and giving yourself little pep talks help. It will get better!

Gaming sir

Try fly fishing if you enjoy the outdoors. Helps clear my head and keeps me busy in the warmer months