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Men in their 40’s and up, how often do you have sex?

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I'm 48 and the wife is 47. We've been married nearly 20 years, and we have sex once or twice a month. Careers, family life, health issues all caused the decline from multiple times a day when we were dating in our 20's. The gold old days. The biggest problem is hormonal for her. Vaginal dryness and painful sex. Menopause and her vagina was never the same after a c section and difficult delivery. We can only do one position comfortably and there is still a lot choreographing moments and thrusts so she is feeling good. Starting and stopping. Applying lube. I don't have erection problems once I'm thrusting away but having to stop to apply lube or her wincing in pain kind of destroys the mood and the erection goes away.

It ends up being easier to just masturbate or have her use her vibrator. So we end up doing more mutual masturbation and cuddling naked. It is what it is. Enjoy your youth and single days young men. Getting old sucks.

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I am 48 and gf is 46. She lives in a different city and we have only been dating 3 years so my situation is different. We are both into oral sex, especially her as that is how she comes. When we do spend a full week together I would say it is about every other day

43/42 and since quarantine we have sex 2-3 times a week. Before that once a week if not every other week.

Maybe try replacing synthetic lubes with coconut oil. Coconut oil rocks! And if you use the raw/unrefined kind it smells great, too. A little Viagra goes a long way, too.

Me 47 and wife 50. Only 2-4 times a year.

46 here and she is 45. On average twice a week unless on vacation then it is several times a day.