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I overthink to a point it cripples me emotionally. How do you fix that?

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I've always been the type of person to plan ahead and make a plan incase something goes wrong. This goes for work, uni, and even my social life.

Overthinking seems to work well in every facet of my life, except ofcourse the social aspect. A small and simple interaction would have me overthinking, and send me down an emotional spiral for several hours.

For example, one time I thought my friend didn't like me because he didn't react to one of my posts in our group chat. But after my spiral i realized that thought was silly, and then he reacted to another of my posts anyway.

Anyone know how to deal with this aside from therapy? And if I do go to therapy, is there a specific term for what I'm experiencing?

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Physical exercise is honestly the best cure for overthinking. It uses up a lot of the stress hormones then releases the chill hormones. Even a 15min walk helps a ton. Give it a try next time, i think you’ll be surprised how much it helps!

its anxiety, but the cognitive error, I think, is called catastrophizing. google “list of cognitive distortions” and you’ll find many. You probably do all of them- we all do, so IGNORE that. Pay attention, though, to the ones that really POP. the ones you do all the time or that impact you the worst. Take those to your therapist to work on….

EDIT: sorry, forgot you didn’t want to go to a therapist. Pick 1 or 2 you do most and Google “how do I stop XXX (like castrophizing)” to get tips from therapists on how to manage them at home.

Maybe have a look in the r/cptsd forum. You might not be a perfect member, but you seem to be very dependent on validation from other people.

Basically some of us has unfortunately been wired by parents/society to not be able to validate ourself, feel like we have value, by ourselves. We need constant affection, approval, admiration and likes.

The most effective way out of it is therapy, if you can afford it.

Anxiety is what you’re suffering from.

There are treatments or medication that can help if it is having a significant effect on your well being.

What’s worked for me, especially when communicating via text or chat is just to say fuck it, send whatever I want to and do something else to occupy my mind until I get a reply

If you go the therapy route, look in to cognitive behavioral or dialectical behavior therapies.

Best of luck.