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Men who have visited prostitutes, how was it? Was it awkward for you?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta ai ragazzi. Men who have visited prostitutes, how was it? Was it awkward for you?

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I was at low point, really depressed how my marriage and overall sex life had been even in my single days. I was making good money starting in mid to late 30s. It is illegal in my area so I researched and learned to identify legit girls – not police, not fake, not rip off girls.

At first it was like a drug. It was almost intoxicating to spend time researching and finding a girl, traveling to her “incall”, feeling nervous as she opened the door, and then getting down to bidness. I was amazed how I was with much younger hot girls that I would have had no chance being with in my younger single days. Also, I was amazed how easy it was once you learned the tools of the trade.

It became very mechanical and I usually didn’t want to hang around their incalls (hotels, apartments) too long so I wanted to leave as soon as I nutted. I thought why I am paying $100+ for 5-10 minutes of mechanical sex. It was just expensive form of masturbation.

I quit seeing them for “full service” and would just do a “blow and go”. I stopped about 5 years ago.

It was on my bucketlist. But then I got a pedicure and the cold, mechanical, almost clinical nature of the thing turned me off the idea.

Cant say Ive ever had one but I have a story about one.

10/10 Redhead walks in where im working security. Super nice, super chatty, Wouldve loved to get with her. She goes up the elevator and HUGE black guy walks in and sits down in the lobby. He was actually a super cool bloke from our convo. He was super focused on his phone. (This was before smart phones)

Redhead returns about a half hour later says bye, they both leave.

Dude was protection for her, I dont think a pimp but for sure he was her protection.

Prefacing this by saying prostitution is legal and regulated where I live.

It’s different every time and with every new girl. My experiences have varied wildly. Some okay, some spectacularly good, some exceptionally bad. It varied based on several factors, like the attitude of the girl (or ‘work ethic’), the mutual chemistry between the two of us, and the environment (for example, how is a particular brothel managed and run).

It was only awkward the first few times. Sometimes I miss the jitters and the nervousness of those days, eight years ago, because that provided a special feeling altogether; the feeling that I was doing something naughty, something taboo. That feeling has worn off long ago. It was an exciting feeling, but also slightly frightening, of not always knowing what to expect, and not knowing what I wanted myself; meaning, I wasn’t confident enough yet to walk away when a situation didn’t feel comfortable or the chemistry with a girl was lacking. That pressure has since long vanished.

My worst experiences were with girls who seemed very sweet and welcoming when we were talking at the door (red light district) or in the meeting room (brothel), but who turned cold and distant once undressed in the bedroom. Or girls who didn’t honor the deal and started asking more money for every little thing once we were already in bed, even for things as basic as touching their breasts. The worst was girls who didn’t allow any foreplay, which is my favorite part and which I need to get turned on.

I also had fantastic experiences, mostly with girls who became my ‘regulars’. I’ve have had several regular girls over the years. The chemistry grows better every visit and you start to know what the both of you like. It’s also a sure thing, as you know you’re going to have a good time, as opposed to the gamble of a new girl. Over the years, sadly a lot of them have quit the business, which is not unusual. There’s one I still miss, she can never be matched.

Now with the lockdown, all brothels and RLDs are closed and I would lie if I said I don’t miss it.

Had a prostitute encounter once, first year university. Finished dead last in fantasy football and the others decided my faith which was a blowjob from the least attractive one we could find. We waited until about midnight (assumed the pretty ones all went first) and I drove into town on the hunt. She ended up being an easy 8 and finished me off rather quick. Which was good, a buddy was locked in the trunk listening to make sure I went through with it.