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If all 50 states were to go to war with one another, which state would have the best geographic tactical advantage and why?

Nevada. The tall mountains, a scarce source of life beyond the desserts, and in the winter? A freezing fucking tundra complete with bobcats. Also we have endless tweakers to throw at the world, crack strength matters.

Hawaii and Alaska of course, because of distance.

As far as continental, Texas, with California being a close second. Texad ranks second for most veterans and most military resources (right under california) but is has more guns than any other states, so a militia would be much easier to raise.

If we leave out the obvious answers of Alaska and Hawaii, it’s almost certainly Louisiana. The ability to cut off shipping to the entire Mississippi River watershed would be brutal to so many other states. We often forget just how much transport of goods and raw materials is done by rivers.

Also, fighting in a swamp would not be fun.

Hawaii is in the middle of god damn nowhere and beaches are very defensible, and there’s 100+ islands.

This is zombie logic.

Michigan only borders other states on one side, so that’s pretty defendable. Maine for the same reason.

Could also argue Florida but I feel like you’d have a bunch of crazy independent groups that would undermine whatever organization there might be there. Plus FloridaMan is a concern