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not exactly about love but… i’m in a new relationship and i’m feeling very happy & excited

ark_skywalker ci racconta la sua esperienza in amore:

i met with the guy i’ve been online dating (due to the pandemic) for the first time ever on wednesday. it went so well, it felt almost like a fairy-tale, and i’m seeing him again next monday, i’m so excited.

we live about 2 hours from each other, so we met half-way at a park near the beach. he’s about a foot taller than me (i was very surprised at how tall he is, and i think he was surprised at how small i am lol) so when we hugged for the first time i had to reach super high and get on my tiptoes, we both giggled about it. we went on a walk around the park and eventually went down to the beach, i set out a blanket and we laid down together. i got chilly and he ended up cuddling me, i forgot how nice it is to be cuddled so i really basked in it, i got so relaxed i almost dozed off. we eventually kissed and it led on to making out for a while, he had his hand around my waist or under my chin or caressing my hair the whole time, and i was running my hands through his hair and stroking his back. we eventually got out the bottle of wine i brought and started drinking, chatting, kissing, stroking each other affectionately; a few times i pulled him into my chest and ran my fingers through his hair. we got up again eventually and went for another walk, he kept grabbing me by the waist and kissing me passionately, at times he’d pick me up and shower me in kisses. i linked his arm for our whole walk, and we held hands at times. he picked me a flower at a churchyard we were walking through and placed it in my hair, and soon after we parted ways.

i just felt like recounting all of that because… i’m so happy! seriously i’m so excited to see him next, trying not to be too excited since this is just the beginning, but next time we meet i’m going to bring my nintendo switch and hopefully we can play mario cart multiplayer together. i’m so fuckin hyped. just thought i’d share because i’m so fuckin happy!

Man,I want a relationship like that when I’m older(just with a girl)


This is so cute!!! I hope the best for you both!! It’s awesome you guys were able to meet! Enjoy these sweet awkward times, I think the early times are my favorite time to look back on from my relationship!

Goals ❤