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What are you the 1% of?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What are you the 1% of?
What are you the 1% of?

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Not that I’ve looked it up, but I’ve run over a fish in my car. Whenever I tell the story, no one has heard anything like it.

If you have a 7in (18cm) penis you are in the top 1% of men worldwide.

Keep that in mind when everyone you know (and on the Internet) somehow has a 8+in schlong

Edit: I recommend everybody take a look at The website I got this info from. Specifically the section titled “measurement” so that you can get an accurate reading. If you think this number sounds way too short, it’s probably because you’re measuring wrong.

Everyone is in the 1% when you measure from your taint.

I have AB- blood, which is found in less than 1% of the population.

I think it’s like 0.1–0.5% of women or something but I have a double uterus. Medically called a didelphys uterus. A septum separates my uterus which kinda made them form into two separate ones and the septum continues down into the vagina so I also have a left and right side. NOT fun to deal with but I’m too scared to get the surgery for it.

At the end of Detroit: Become Human they tell you the percentage of people who got the same ending as you. Mine was 1%