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What are you the 1% of?

I had a life threatening reaction to a common prescription drug. It literally caused huge patches of my skin to fall off and my internal organs to begin liquefying. This reaction is so rare that they don’t even have to list it as a potential side effect (six cases have occurred with over ten million people taking this drug). I don’t like to name the drug because the problem was with my body, not the medicine itself. I don’t want to scare people away from a lifesaving drug that isn’t to blame for what happened. I’m fully recovered now, by the way.

[EDIT] Well, now someone has said they’re going to DM me for the drug name and then share it with everyone, so I have to stop sending it now. Sorry, it’s a lifesaving drug for almost everyone but me; I’m not going to risk ruining that for others based on my more than one in a million reaction.

Me and my 11 year old son tag teamed a hazard level 5 mission on Deep Rock Galactic which was meant for a 4 man crew. We beat it from beginning to end in one shot and got an award for it saying that only .65% of players have beaten hazard 5 from begining to end.

Wow, thanks for all the R&S’s! Karl would truly be proud of the DRG community, one of the finest in gaming!!

So, some clarity on the mission. It was an elimination mission and we got the twins and the dreadnaught. The fire balls the dreadnaught shoots had a huge explosion radius and it was super aggressive and the twins were moving constantly and their ranged attacks were merciless. I was engineer with submachine gun, proximity mines and the Lazer crossbow with the overclock that gives faster reload and extra ammo and the submachine gun has the overclock where turrets send out an electric shockwave when hit with submachine gun. My son was the gunner class and i’m not sure what he was running other than the cannon, revolver with exploding bullets and fire grenades. Much love my doods!


Typing speed

Edit: To save everyone the google/finding the comments. Average is around 40-50wpm with ~100wpm being top 1%.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games 2008 pole vault. When i was 8-11, i had the 2nd highest score in the world. That has most likely changed

I was born with a cardic rhythm disorder. Normal heartrate for a newborn is like 130 per minute, mine was like 30. I heard from my mother my case was so rare that several cardiologists from all over the country ditched their conferences to fly to the hospital I was in and to see how to fit a pacemaker into a newborn.

Edit: Thank you so much for the upvotes/awards, you are all awesome!