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What are you the 1% of?

Triple nipple over here. Half a percent I believe.

I guess I’m in the 1% of only having three lower front teeth

I was in the first 1% to watch “What Does the Fox Say?” on youtube.

Youtube sent me an email telling me so.


I was just over 11 pounds at birth, and got stuck mid breach. Head out, shoulders wouldn’t push through.

Doctor(s) decided that cutting me out would take too long at this point and could kill us both, so they pulled me out. In doing so, they tore all the “wiring” as it were down my left side of my neck. Unbeknownst to them. What happened was stunded growth of my left arm at an angle pointing almost behind me.

They had to operate on my shoulder socket, and my hand had gone full on T-rex angled so they broke my wrist and turned it to force it to grow normally. I was in an almost 3/4 torso cast for months as a small kid.

Today in my mid 30s, I can’t fully outstretch my left arm, maybe a 2/3rd stretch at best, I can’t lift it higher than my mid chest, my wrist is pretty loose (hey now) so my hand wants to naturally flop forward a lot. I can still move around mostly, but I can’t push with my left arm all that much, struggle lifting heavy things, can’t push away to the side of me, can’t drive manual cars but can drive autos. My arm is also thinner than my right. Due to the muscle development, I had a twitch in a thumb almost like a clock for about 4 years that suddenly stopped. Also have to use my right hand to get my left in to the position I want it to be in, because the nerves aren’t there to send the signal to move it in certain directions. You normally just move your arms, but I can’t and it’s like trying to move a part of you through telepathy.

Physio was the only answer, but it barely changed anything after circa 6 months and I packed that in in my early teens because what’s the point etc.

It’s fucked me up pretty badly mentally I’d say, even though I’m overall pretty happy. Doesn’t affect my work, I can still type etc but I get aches on my left shoulder blade and shoulder.

I can’t do pushups or pullups so don’t go to the gym or do sports as it’s an obvious disadvantage, so I’m overweight but not massive. I naturally got bullied at school a HELL of a lot. I’m so used to hiding it that its’ muscle memory now, even though I’m at the stage of my life where I can say “eh, yeah, this is me. deal with it”. But because I don’t work out I stopped swimming or doing anything with my shirt off in public.

I’d say yeah, pretty damn rare case.

And I don’t even know what the condition is called. I need to see a doctor about it as this was 80s when I was born and medicine has changed so much, I’m just so used to being this way I’ve never really pushed to get answers. I’ve thought about it more since the pandemic but obviously doctors aren’t exactly seeing people right now for non-emergency stuff.