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What are you the 1% of?

Not sure if it’s the 1% or not but know its very rare. Womb twisted itself back to front when I was pregnant, fetus should really not have been viable but she’s now a very energetic and beautiful 20 month old. They were going to induce me early because the twist (that we didn’t know about at this point) was causing me so much pain. Thankfully a nurse felt something was strange with my cervix cervix ordered another scan. Cut to emergency c section. Surgeon had no idea what he was looking at when he opened me up, consultant called in. Noone in the hospital had ever seen anything like it, they took photos, every nurse said they wanted to see them. We were lucky, the consultant said that afterwards she had done some research and only found a handful of records and the outcome of the surgery was not good. At least one of us shouldn’t be here. If I had been induced I would have died in incredible pain, unable to deliver and baby would have probably died from stress. We are now a case study and have changed the way that hospital responds to pain in pregnancy.

Edit: thanks so much for all the interest and love, very unexpected and has made my evening 🙂 I feel special.
A bit more info for some who might want extra. Had an Ovary and tube removed 10 years previously because it had wrapped itself around my womb and was like being stabbed every month, remaining tube didn’t look good but was in the right place so they left it but told me I would 99% need IVF to have a baby.
We had unprotected sex once and boom, baby, she is literally a miracle.
After she had been removed, they had to take my womb out of my body, physically twist it back around and then put it back. I’m going back soon for another scan to check if it’s back twisted because I have pain again.
Tried to reply to everyone, sorry if I missed you, I’m on my phone.

Went to the optometrist recently and he said I have a uniquely shaped right cornea and said I was in the 1%. Did tests for a degenerative disease that I couldn’t remember but I’m in the clear. Some latin sounding disease.. corneaus blah blah. The doctor said most people generally have half a portion of astigmatism in their eyes, my right eye has five portions.

I have an autoimmune disease that’s so rare nobody knows what it is. Genetic testing is currently underway to see if I have a recently discovered genetic defect that about ten people have been diagnosed with.
EDIT: I appreciate all the people attempting to give me a diagnosis in the comments, but I think six years and more specialists than I can count on one hand might know a little more about what’s going on than some strangers on the internet.
EDIT 2: I’ve got some links to some information on what I’m currently waiting to find out if I have. It’s called INFLTR8 (kickass right?) and it was named by one of the first people diagnosed with it.
The study and the link to a story about its discovery and naming.

im part of the 1% of people being ambidextrous

when Spotify released listening statistics at the end of 2020, I was on the top .1% of weird Al yankovic listeners