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If all 50 states were to go to war with one another, which state would have the best geographic tactical advantage and why?

A few thoughts:

  • Hawaii and Alaska would likely be able to sit it out the most, but Alaska could realistically raid the west coast.
  • Florida would have so much coastline that they would be pillaged into oblivion.
  • Colorado might have a big advantage in that they could just hole up in their mountains and send out raiding parties to poke at their neighbors.
  • Honestly, Michigan might have the best combination of factors: protected by water, only three borders to worry about, one of which has rugged terrain protecting it, etc…


There are three power grids in the US. West coast, east coast, and Texas. Further, Texas produces and refines an enormous quantity of the energy for the rest of the US.

Good luck crossing a state as big as Texas when they have all the energy.

Hawaii and Alaska.

I recently though about this. I live in Manhattan in New York. We’d be completely fucked. We produce nothing. If we lose our bridges, tunnels and ports, then it would be complety anarchy after a few days.

Texas for sure. They’re centrally located, can produce their own energy and food, have good shipping ports, access to mexico.