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If satan punishes bad people, how come satan is not good?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: If satan punishes bad people, how come satan is not good?
If satan punishes bad people, how come satan is not good?

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In the bible it says Satan doesn’t punish bad people. Hes more of a fellow inmate in a jail than a warden. Satan is more like a notorious gang member in prison and his demons are his fellow gang members. When you enter hell, you are fresh meat and you must pay for your sins. God created hell so he is the warden. Satan temps people into sinning through temptation he cannot punish.

I’m not religious, but my grandma explained it like this to me in my kid years.

I like the Satan from the Incarnations of Immortality. He treated Hell as a temporary prison, where the ones who did their time were allowed to leave and go to heaven. The souls who went were oppressed by the angels and treated like second class citizens, so they either went to work in Purgatory, or petitioned Satan to make a mock-heaven in an unused corner of hell. He was so amused by the petition that he agreed and had it built. Thus technically no souls were released to heaven, as per the churches propaganda, but it wasn’t the whole story.

If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, didn’t He create Satan that way on purpose, knowing what he would become?

The better question is, if you were Satan and you were cast out of heaven, why would you not try to spite God by making hell even better than heaven.

The answer is nothing in the Bible makes logical sense. It’s illogical that we are absolutely sure Zeus is fake but God might be real because we can’t prove he isn’t.

Because of his disobedience to God