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If we are all living in the human body version 1.0, what sort of updates would be expected for version 1.1?

No more hernias and allergies please, also a sleepbutton would be nice. Thank you

A bugfix for when your mouth decides to malfunction and bite your tongue/cheek for no reason at all.

Yeah 1.0 was a total cash grab. Frontend upgrades only possible as add on purchase and backend mentainance depending on insurance policy. I hope 1.1 is more complete with better looking interface and less backend bugs in general.

No ingrown hairs

v1.1 changelog

  • eyes can now take photographs
  • dreams no longer immediately disappear upon waking up
  • body is able to regulate internal temperature
  • telepathy has been added
  • sleep requirement has been reduced from 8 hours a day to 3 hours a day