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Consiglio: : How to answer to the famous “Do you have any questions?” when interviewing for a job.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

When the interview is coming to its end, the recruiter will often ask you if you have any questions.

A nice way of answering to that is to ask the recruiter “What made YOU want to join this company?”

Of course, if the question is “Do you want to add anything?”, you can simply say that you just have one last question and then ask them this question.

It's a very good way of ending the interview, as it shows your hindsight on the situation, and highlights your interested towards the company.

I've been doing this since my first job interview and it works like a charm. Very often, the recruiter were happy to share their experience and promote their company, and it added a relaxing touch to the end of the interview.