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If you had one do-over in life, what would it be?

When I was in high school a went to go pick up a friends girlfriend before all meeting up at a party. Very long story short, found out a number of days later she told everyone when I was over at her house that I tried to force myself on her. Didn’t even like the girl, I just tolerated her cause she was my friends girl. Everyone believed her and no one would talk to me or hang out with me for the rest of my high school life. Ended up becoming an introvert with severe social anxiety as a result, that still effects me to this day.

So, I would not volunteer to give her a ride to the party.

I’d NOT get interested in research chemicals.

Reset to my first year of undergrad, take school more seriously and study Computer Science instead of Economics. Finance culture and work/life balance is horrendous, I have no idea why my coworkers seem so ok with working overtime every week for less than middle school teachers make in our area

My last relationship

Don’t join choir. Like don’t ever do it