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If you had one do-over in life, what would it be?

Save it for later.

Commit to something. I was always so afraid of a career path not working out that I had a toe dipped in a bunch of different fields because I thought it would provide a safety net. Turns out I just never fully committed to any of those fields and because of that there will always be other people more qualified for job openings.

“Sell your Beanie Babies. Keep your Pokémon cards. You’ll never make it in skateboarding. Try just a little bit and you’ll get some better scholarships. You’re gonna forget who most of these people are. Do something cool when you join. No, not that kind of cool. She’s not worth it, the first one anyway.”

Young me would be confused. And wouldn’t listen. And the cycle would repeat.

I would go back to when I was five or so. At first thought it would be for wealth but upon deeper inspection it would be to spend more time with my parents. I’ve had a very rocky relationship with them and now that they are both gone I wish it was different.