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It’s July 4th, non-Americans, what’s an experience you’ve had with Americans? Good, bad, funny?

Other way around, but once when I was working at a gas station I had a very nice family come in and by their accent I could tell they were English (this was in the south, so not an accent you’d normally hear).

They asked me about how long it was to the Grand Canyon. I think they were under the impression that the US was a lot smaller than it actually was. I looked it up for them and the wife looked shocked by how far I said it was.

Edit: I don’t want to say what particular state, but it was more than 14 hours away. I was under the impression they were there visiting family first but wanted to do some sightseeing

Students from a school from Georgia came over here (Scotland) and the funniest experience I had with them was when they saw cows and sheep in a field. For some it was the first time seeing this and spent a bit of time looking, especially as it was around lambing season. Just seemed funny to me as I would never have thought something so normal (to me anyway) would be so new and interseting to others.

Overall though my experience with Americans has been good and quite positive

When I did my coast to coast roadtrip 2 years ago, it was great people were friendly and I had no issues. People were really interested in you, if you have a foreign accent. There weren’t as many freaks, not even in Walmart. I was really impressed visiting a Bass Pro Shop.
No experience with an US American really stood out though.

My first time going to a Walmart i was paranoid because every other person had a gun holster, it was a week later that i learned that not only cops can carry guns in public

Went to America for my 18th birthday, was so fricking hyper and excited to see everything. Me and my family had a fun time, until we got on the plane to go home and a Karen had decided that she can take whatever seat she felt like having (and as luck would have it) the bitch took mine. She wouldn’t move for 1 hour, the flight was delayed and the airline hostesses were so patient throughout the process, until she decided to call one of them the n word, and saying that white people are the most important and she should go back to being a slave, the hostesses was very calm and turned around and called security. She was dragged off the plane by security, and I haven’t seen any Karen’s since.