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It’s July 4th, non-Americans, what’s an experience you’ve had with Americans? Good, bad, funny?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: It’s July 4th, non-Americans, what’s an experience you’ve had with Americans? Good, bad, funny?
It’s July 4th, non-Americans, what’s an experience you’ve had with Americans? Good, bad, funny?

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Went to a farmer’s market and met a maple syrup producer in the flesh! That was cool.

Edited to add: my mother read us the Little House on the Prairie books as kids, and I always remembered the description of how they made maple syrup, when they were in Wisconsin I think. It just felt really cool to come face to face with someone who actually does that for a living in this day and age.

When i lived with my parents they where part of a program where american exhange students came to visit to see a “real” danish family and home. Allways fun to hear about their studies they had majors and minors which had nothing to do with each other, one i remember studied geography and economics strange combo. Another thing is they would travel all around europe even places where we had never been, like russia because it was “close by.” Honestly never had a bad experience with an american yet.

Many years ago we were on a budget airline flying out of LA , the sort of airline where you didn’t get allocated seats and had to rush for them. I was very young (maybe 4) and had spent the day at Disneyland eating too much ice cream and being thrown around on rides.

Families with small children were allowed to board the aircraft first, which we duly did and settled into seats as close to the front of the plane. Then they let everyone else on.

I made the mistake of standing up for a moment and in that second a big fat American businessman in a bright blue suit plonked his oversized rear end into my seat. He wasn’t going to move to a crap seat down the back of the plane for anything. I sat on my fathers lap in the seat next to him while the argument got heated. Very heated. The flight attendants got involved and so did the passengers around us. But he wasn’t moving.

Then I turned to the side and vomited an afternoons icecream and cherries straight into his lap.

I went on a trip to Ohio when I was 13 with some friends for a conference (from Ontario) and we stopped at a cinnabon and I got in line and ordered a dozen. This big american guy behind me was like ” wow you must be hungry” and I said “no im sharing them with my friends” he responded with “oh wow that is nice for you, you must be Canadian!”

My family and I were on a vacation to Darien Lake in Buffalo. This was before they knew what Google Maps was and had to rely on an old GPS you had to buy physically. We got a little lost on the way and we stopped by a gas station for some help as well as supplies. Two very helpful bikers came over and asked if we were lost and showed us in the direction we were supposed to go. Ended up getting there with no issues at all afterwards.