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It’s July 4th, non-Americans, what’s an experience you’ve had with Americans? Good, bad, funny?

I went as an exchange student to the US in August 2001. I was invited to a Halloween party by a classmate, which was then cancelled when her mom found out she’d invited foreigners.

I live in romania a lady in her mid 20-ish idk said to me and my friend why are not talking english

Me:This is romania .

Lady:Well the hungarians are going to take it anyway,

They were friendly and decent. Standard tourists.

Have visited twice from UK. Was in CT and also went to NYC. I really love the country and the food. The people were all really friendly and helpful.
I hate watching what has happened to the USA over the last few years. I really hope you get it sorted over there.

It was July 1, Canada Day. I worked on a cruise ship and the crew bar was DECKED out in Canada decor. Everyone wore red. The Europeans, Asians, South Americans, etc, all decked out in red, and like us 6 Canadians were all knighting them as honorary Canadians.

Me and my ship bestie (we’re both Canadian) were really close friends to an American. He was so pissed that Canada had upstaged the 4th of July by 3 days. He was so mad that everyone so into Canada Day cuz no way would so many people be that into the 4th. He went on a drunken rampage of angry bitterness which only made it that much funnier to all of us wearing red and white.

THEN, I drunkenly made the brilliant “mistake” of saying “wait til you learn that we do Thanksgiving in October. Stole youre thunder for that one too”

He absolutely lost it. How dare Canadians steal the most American holiday. We cried laughing. The crew was dying laughing.

Next day, he barely remembered any of it, but the whole staff had nicknamed him “Captain America”.

He took it well and proudly. And everyone else took it as a joke. Best Canada Day I’ve ever had!