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Ladies, what’s your equivalent of getting distracted by boobs?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Ladies, what’s your equivalent of getting distracted by boobs?
Ladies, what’s your equivalent of getting distracted by boobs?

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Reading the comments it doesn’t seem like there is a clear equivalent

I like a thick butt and thighs. Dimples kill me on anyone. They’re so freaking adorable.

Nice thighs or a muscular back….

But also boobs.

Strong shoulders ☺️

After reading all these posts, ima start doing hand day at the gym 😂

A really nice butt

Getting distracted by boobs

nice arms, eyes, or smile

Hands, shoulders, forearms, particularly if he’s wearing a button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Eyelashes 😌

Eyes. I’ve definitely been at work trying to help a customer and been so distracted by a great pair of eyes I can’t think clearly.

Hands, with long fingers and prominent veins.

Getting distracted by biceps


Are we talking irresistible features on men?

The eyes.

The smile.

Really love. Guy lifting something heavy like it’s nothing.

A very ancient ex on mine lived on a farm and casually threw a bale of hay on his shoulder and carried it off like it was nothing.

Also, dad’s holding babies in backpacks.

Collarbones and broad shoulders. The way a tshirt drapes over a man’s chest and back. Ugh.

Hands. Arms. Jawline. A man in a perfectly fitted button up with the sleeves rolled up a little bit. And on the complete opposite spectrum from that, a blue collar worker doing construction or landscaping or something. Every time I drive by a construction zone, I stare way too hard.

Basically just men in general. Men are distracting and I love looking at them.

Hands, when they have a certain look, strong big and clean, bitch give me a mop its getting wet!

Bulge for sure

Dat booty.