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Lawyers of Internet – Why do Scooby Doo villains always get arrested for scaring people? Are there any legal grounds for this?


Some of em are burglars.

I believe the crime would usually be “fraud”. If one lies to scare people away from something that economically damages another party, that’s actionable.

(note: not a lawyer)

Isn’t going into abandoned houses and shit tresspassing?

In some states, there are actually “intent to scare” laws. My brother and his friends were almost charged with one for playing with an airsoft gun in a public park, but this is sadly an example of white privilege. Basically, “intent to scare” laws are similar to why its illegal to yell “fire” in a crowded theater if there is no actual cause for alarm.

Granted, Scooby Doo villians also were trespassing, breaking and entering, and sometimes had schemes for insurance fraud. So they arrested for multiple crimes, not just with the intent to scare.