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Lawyers of Internet – Why do Scooby Doo villains always get arrested for scaring people? Are there any legal grounds for this?

It depends on the episode and the state/country the villains are residing and the laws associated with that particular area. If you want to get technical, the most clear criminal offense is at the end of each show when Mystery Incorporated illegally detains the individuals against their will (unlawful restraint). As far as I know, none of the 4 humans are sworn law enforcement officers and therefore have no legal right to arrest for what is essentially a non violent “maybe” offense. The dog could “technically” be considered a K9 but I am unaware if Scooby ever served in this capacity, but either way he wouldn’t have arrest powers and it would fall back on his handler Shaggy anyway. I would lean towards no since Shaggy clearly has an underlying drug problem and would likely fail any urinalysis which would eliminate him from any law enforcement profession.

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Police could use the catch-alls of: disorderly conduct or Disturbing the peace

They literally explain the crimes at the end of every show.

Fraud, trespassing,theft,perhaps disturbing the peace depending on what episode. Id imagine the villains had alot of different motivations.