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Men, has your SO ever made you cry or tear up? and why/how?

She got down on her knees and put her hair in a ponytail

She said she wanted to try out fuckin’ yoga.

It was four years ago when i graduated and i just for the live of it couldn’t get a job and it was just my mom and me because my dickhead of a father left when i was three. Then we had to move out from our old apartment because our landlady needed it for herself (if a landlady/landlord here in germany claims he needs the apartment for themselves he can throw you out and there’s nothing you can do) that was when i was 17 so only one year left where my dad had to pay child support and our friends couldn’t help us do we had to hire a moving company. To make a long story short, when i turned 18 dear father of mine stopped paying child support because he didn’t have to anymore and our financial situation got worse and worse over the months. But then a silver lining on the horizon, last month my mom came home from work said she managed to get a job for me in the grocery store she works at. Sure it’s only 400€ per month but enough to keep US above water for now. I cried for like 30 minutes.

And the best part is, if i do well in the next months i can start a vocational training there which means my dad has to pay child support again, and if i decide to eduacate myself further by going to the BOS fro example (it’s something like college) he has to keep paying until i finished graduate from that. Suck it old man!!!!