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Men, has your SO ever made you cry or tear up? and why/how?

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Honestly, I just wanna hear what can make guys emotional or tear up or catch you off guard. Y’all are some tough eggs to crack and I’d like to hear some of those exceptional moments for you. keep it wholesome or keep it not so wholesome… whatever that means to you lol

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Came home from work at 11pm, exhausted and had a bad day. She had gotten out of bed when I called her saying I was on my way home and whipped me up a meatball sub with pepper sauce and cheese. It was a really simple meal but she had gone out of her way to make it for me and it was just such hearty, wholesome food that it made me a bit teary.

It’s always the little things

I’m not really a crier, never really have been an usually it takes a little alcohol to get that strong of emotions outta me.

So it was a time when we were in our 1st apartment and I had a little to drink that night. We’d been having a lot of money problems an such, an it was just a bad day. She just came up to me an said something among the lines of, “no matter what happens, we’ll get through this. I love you.”

I cried like a little bitch.

I guess some guys are ‘tough eggs to crack’ but I’m not really. I’m kind of a bitch, I cry all the time. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve cried over a partner, and I’m only 19. More often than not, it’s simply because my brain can’t process someone loving me or making me feel the way they are. I often go long periods of time feeling super unloved, unappreciated, lonely and suddenly someone will come into my life and make efforts for me and always be there for me and that really gets me and often makes me cry. I was drunk about 2 weeks ago on the phone with my not-quite-yet-girlfriend and spent 45 minutes hard sobbing because I loved how she came into my life and was supportive of me and put in so much effort.

Was my ex, before this I hadn’t cried in 2 years. She was in a shitty mood, so I was trying to be extra nice, started tidying the place. While she went to yoga I cooked her lunch and started doing the giant pile of dishes that were left. She was completely ungrateful for the cooked lunch, no thank you or anything. And then she looked at me doing the dishes and snapped “YOURE USING THE WRONG SPONGE, AND YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG”. At this point I had enough, and said “then do it yourself” and dropped the sponge in the sink. She kept shouting “YOU JUST KEEP DISRESPECTING MY STUFF”, to which I snapped raised my voice at her for the first time ever and cried a little bit.

She lost her job and has a history of hurting herself so when she vanished for a day i lost my shit, email bombed her…. just to get back “yeah that guy you said it was alright to go see a movie with? we had a couple more dates and i fell for him, he ignored me for a month but when he got worried and said he cared about me last night i knew i had to break it off with you, but i didn’t know how to do it” She even said when she was talking to me near the end, she wished it was him…. I pulled a fucking neo dodging rounds from a mac 11 with that one, BUT i did drop 2 or 3 tears from just being fucked around after she promised she wouldn’t. Don’t EVER fall for a woman who pops off sex talk with a random dude a day after meeting, is the lesson i learned… more red flags than china….