Domande di Internet

Multilinguals and bilinguals of Internet, what has speaking several languages allowed you to do that you wouldn’t be able to if you only spoke one?

I speak fluent American, Canadian, Australian and English and it has allowed me to communicate with lots of people at work and to travel those counties without an issues.

I’ve only been able to fluently speak Spanish for a short amount of time, but I’m so happy I learned the language. I can understand Spanish music and I love listening to music in Spanish. I can carry a full conversation with my neighbors. I can help fellow students. I can also tell when someone is cussing me out. I love being able to speak two languages.
It might be three soon—I’m gonna learn Russian!

Pretend I don’t speak Portuguese when street vendors try to sell me stuff like socks lmao

Saying a sentence with multiple languages jammed in yet it somehow still makes sense and even manages to be grammatically correct at times

I think specifically speaking English and any given Scandinavian language is fun because Old English feels a bit like a mix of those two, so you can kind of read it. Not a very useful skill, but pretty fun