Mini Guide

Consiglio: : Don’t buy from grocers buy from restaurant suppliers.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

I am poor. So I adapted. This is what has saved me the most money period and I want you to know.

Don't buy food from grocery stores. It's a ripoff. Buy from a restaurant supplier. Right now as I am typing this a place i use has opened its doors to the public in some states. You can get 40 pounds of chicken breast for 35 dollars. I just bought a box.

I don't know if this is open to public in every state but I made a business ( cost 150 dollars to register get tax id which you need to join restaurant suppliers normally) and have saved the cost of that business 1000%.

I get 10 pounds of cucumbers for 4 dollars, 50 pounds of cabbage for 10 dollars, 26 pounds of mixed frozen veggies for 27 dollars. As-long as you have a good freezer you will save thousands of dollars on food.

There are more and sometimes better suppliers but they are the closest to me. In these trying times I just want to offer you a nice egg.

This is probably my most serious post. Please use this knowledge. We are in tough times and this is what I have to give. It's done me so well I want it to help you too. My post got blocked to silence me. I will not be silenced.