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People born in 2000 and later: How does ‘the 90s’ sound to you?

It’s like this weird mix between the eighties and now. Like, I know that’s literally what it is, but sometimes they’re like, “we didn’t have a computer” and then it’s like, “I saw that ____ show back then” but it’s like?? A modern seeming show?? I know things that happened in the sixties and eighties, and seventies, but the nineties??? NO idea.

EDIT: Wait, like songs? oh god…

Like Alanis Morissette’s You Oughta Know

Like a mysterious time of semi pre internet that I will never experience.

It honestly sounds pretty exciting, a new century was approaching and the world was changing a lot.

Sounds pretty good. I grew up with it and so i like it a lot