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People born in 2000 and later: How does ‘the 90s’ sound to you?

Sounds like u cant touch this by mc hammer

Sounds awesome. Im a metal head and would love to be in the peak of it. Ppl nowadays jolt backwards when I tell them I listen to metal as if its some horrible thing

weird and stuck between time periods

like it should be about 15 years ago even though i was legit born in 2000, i have no idea how my brain got to feel that way

I was born in the 60’s. I have been a music lover my whole life. Believe it or not I’m not stuck listening to classic rock, like others my age, or the 80’s. I listen mostly to new music. The 90’s were a funny decade. There was a plethora of pop music the permeated the air waves, that truly sucked! But there was awesome indie music that was fantastic and now is considered the music of the 90’s (depeche mode) the decade of 2000’s was pretty much devoid of much good pop music, and now 2010 on. The talent has grown back huge, so all you 2000’s baby’s keep putting out that great music now. I’m digging it!