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Women who have self esteem issues, what made you or how did you stop comparing yourself to others?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato una domanda rivolta alle donne.Women who have self esteem issues, what made you or how did you stop comparing yourself to others?

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It’s an ongoing process. Some days are better than others. I try to focus on my strengths and remind myself that nobody has it all. I also think – what strength would I be willing to give up to have something else? I personally wouldn’t want to lose any. But I think of it as give and take, which helps me realize I have qualities others wish they had, and vice versa. Focus on your strengths and make them even better. Emphasize the positive.

Being deliberate with my thoughts. I allot 5 minutes a day for myself to think of everything I am thankful for and things I like about myself. I know it sounds silly, but during these 5 minutes I do not allow any negative thoughts. Forcing myself to do this on a regular basis has really helped me to build confidence. I also try to limit time browsing social media when I am feeling down because I get into the comparison game which often leads to negative rabbit hole thinking.

Check out our website if you are interested 🙂 It’s a platform where we delve into common insecurities and obstacles we face as women. Sometimes it just helps to know we’re not alone in the thoughts that keep us awake at night!

I limit social media. I also surround myself with women and men who uplift and inspire me.

I stopped judging others. I used to be incredibly insecure, and I used to judge other people’s appearances a lot. When I stopped myself from doing that, I found I felt better about myself. Positive thinking in general also helps a long way. Mentally slap yourself when you have a negative thought about yourself.

I started following thebirdspapaya on Instagram. Sarah’s posts about loving your body and loving yourself are amazing. Also: therapy.

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