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People who have known victims of crimes that have appeared in the media, what happened after the media lost their interest in broadcasting?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: People who have known victims of crimes that have appeared in the media, what happened after the media lost their interest in broadcasting?
People who have known victims of crimes that have appeared in the media, what happened after the media lost their interest in broadcasting?

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The son of a really wealthy family got murdered, and while everyone was talking about the absolute horrifying circumstances surrounding the crime the parents managed to keep for themselves.

Almost 15 years later, everybody is still talking about the killer, because it was very gruesome, but the family of the victim has managed to, very quietly, build up a charity for the victims of crimes, that is very well hidden and works wonders behind the scenes, providing legal council and therapy for the families and friends of murdered children like their son.

For once someone managed to get out of victimization, and they wouldn’t have gotten there with the media looking and disturbing.

I know a guy who was convicted (rightfully) of manslaughter. I don’t want to get into details because I don’t feel comfortable sharing the information about something like this when I’m not directly involved. I’m not really close to him but close enough that if we bump into eachother on the street we could chat for easily 30 minutes.

He’s doing about as well as you can. He is an extremely good person and anyone who knows him accepts he made a big mistake a long time ago that lead to extremely unfortunate circumstances. The media portrayed him as an evil, vile creature but in reality he never hid or plead innocent, he did his time and he just wants to move on as best as he can.

I saw him a few months ago and, mentally, he seemed do be doing alright, but he’s lost quite a lot of weight and was saying that he’s struggling with sleep and stuff. When people who don’t know him see him, they do say horrible things.

Tbh if you’re reading this I can’t even blame you if you’re thinking “he ended a life, he deserves hell and worse” but honestly because of the circumstances I think he deserves a second chance and to move on. He is not a danger to society whatsoever. It’s just a really horrible situation.

EDIT: I forgot to add; the media also published his home address (he has a wife and 3 children) in every newspaper and I think that, no matter what the crime was, that’s an abhorrent part of journalism that we accept as normal.

The media attention wasn’t that much, mainly because the family had instructed everyone to not speak about her to journalists, in order to avoid a media circus.

It was very odd. There were way too many details about how she was murdered, where she was found, the state of the body, the screaming, and so on, I found this very tasteless, sensationalist and disrespectful, but no mention of her name or her picture. Just that she was a woman, her age and place of residence. Very cold, and emotionless, compared to the story that was being told. Dehumanizing, even. I get that the family wanted to shut down the media asap, due to how they went about the first reports, but it still feels so wrong to have this human being reduced to just a faceless, anonymous subject of a horror story. It was so weird to know exactly who they were talking about, without being able to at least have them say her name, instead of ‘the woman’.

Two suspects have been arrested within a day or 2, one of which is still in custody, to my knowledge, the other is not. I think that has also helped to stop media attention pretty quickly. It was wrapped up very neatly. Like an episode of CSI, minus the advertisements.

The case has not been in front of a judge yet. I do expect that, once this happens, local media will report on it.

All the attention after a shooting usually focuses on the dead, but people injured by firearms can have very long, very painful physical recoveries and are often never the same. The mental recovery is just as bad or worse.

Nothing usually happens.

Knew a guy long time ago who got beaten half to death and thrown off the 8th floor, and after the police concluded their investigation, everything quieted down. Drugs had apparently been involved, don’t think the media found out about that. At least they didn’t write about it. Family and friends mourned, the rest of the world moved on.

Knew another guy; died from alcohol poisoning I guess. On an overnight boat/cruise he got overly drunk, and thrown in the drunk tank. There he was supposed to be checked on at least every half hour, but they left him for 6 hours unmonitored, so technically manslaughter through neglect or something like that. Made a big splash in the media, but after the ones responsible for their punishment, things went back to normal for those not directly affected. I think the parents got divorced shortly after, which happens sometimes in situations like this.

A girl I went to school with in 8th grade died from a heroin overdose administered by a friend of hers. He didn’t know she was only 14/15, he was in his 20s, and the overdose was accidental. She was in the forster system for reasons I don’t know, I never met her parents, bit did see a couple of her foster parents. She was moved away from my school and all her friends a few months before her overdose, and was apparently miserable at her new home and school. Don’t know what happened to her H-buddies, nor her foster family, but the whole thing was a big embarrassment for the foster system, and got quite quickly brushed under the rug.

I still think about her some times. Her favorite song was These Colors Don’t Run by Iron Maiden, also my favorite Maiden album. I had planned to learn to play it on guitar, but never got around to it.