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Sailors of Internet, what is one of the strangest things you’ve seen at sea?

So, here is mine.
I used to work on a coastal barge, it would carry a thousand tonnes up and down the River Thames into London, one shift we’re heading down the Thames Estuary to load up on aggregate, glancing over at the ships CCTV monitors, I look at the camera in the engine room, the Engineer is sitting down in view of the camera, out of boredom I stare at the camera to see what he’ll do next, he takes off his boot and socks and gives them a sniff, they couldn’t have smelt very nice as he pulled a disgusted face.

Later in the day, the Engineer comes up to the bridge asking if we all want a cup of tea, we all say yes and get him to look at the monitors and show him the tape of him with his socks.

He awkwardly smiles and goes down to the Galley

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