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[Serious] If being armed with a gun is a constitutional right in America, then why is being armed a valid reason for police to shoot someone?

Just being armed isn’t a valid reason for the police to shoot you.

If you’re armed and breaking the law or not following directions? Yeah you’re getting popped.

It’s not.
Using or brandishing the gun… Or any weapon… In a threatening way… That’s how you get shot.
In Arizona, people can carry a gun on them, in plain sight. If the act of having a gun meant death, there would be a lot of dead people there. Including a few friends of mine.

Police are people too. They are scared that they may not live to come home to their families. Every single day they go to work.
They have a right to defend their own lives if they feel it is in danger.

That doesn’t make it right when they take it too far. Those cops should be made examples of.

The whole with great power comes great responsibility thing.

If you aim or attempt to aim a weapon at police, or quickly go for a gun while police are arresting you… you will be shot.

This is a very slippery slope here. So i’m not going to answer, and instead read some other comments.

Because police aren’t required to know the law. Nor do they care. And the constitution hasn’t matter3d for quite a while. The tree needs to be watered.