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[Serious] If being armed with a gun is a constitutional right in America, then why is being armed a valid reason for police to shoot someone?

You forgot that rights are not for POC in America.

I have a concealed carry permit. Part of the training we get includes the fact that we have to tell the police, loudly and clearly, that we are armed while constantly showing them our hands.

People don’t get shot by police for being armed. They get shot for being armed and stupid.

Basically cops are allowed to shoot whoever they want, which is why they gun down so many innocent children.

In just about every country, it’s legal to own an axe to use as a tool. You can carry your axe around from the hardware store, to your house, to the location where things need chopping and police won’t bother you.

Carrying the axe in way that would strike fear in the hearts of your fellow citizens would lead the police to get involved and possibly shoot the axe-wielder.

Now replace “axe” with “gun” and you have America.

Im pretty sure its if you dont follow instructions and dont tell the cop you have a gun