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[Serious] Men who have been falsely accused of sexual assualt, How did you cope with it?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: [Serious] Men who have been falsely accused of sexual assualt, How did you cope with it?
[Serious] Men who have been falsely accused of sexual assualt, How did you cope with it?

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I was a senior in high school (male) and right after graduation I had a girl claim I raped her when I in fact did the opposite. I told her I would not take her virginity and it made her very mad. Her friends started calling me a rapist and then I moved to college out of state. I constantly feared that a cop would show up and arrest me for something I never did. This was 15 years ago. She did contact me years later and apologize and thanked me for being civil. I mean people react to shit differently, but it screwed with my head for years.

You don’t. It haunts you forever.

Throwaway for obvious reasons.

I was in high school when it happened. I was reading while moving from one classroom to another so I wasn’t really looking when my messenger bag accidently hit a girl. The girl probably wasn’t looking either but her friends started saying that I was humping the girl. She believed her friends and took the case to the school disciplinary council.

It was 15 years ago so there wasn’t any surveillance to check and it turned into one man’s testimony versus 5 girls’. Not too difficult to guess which side the school took at that point. I barely escaped expulsion only because there were “no absolute proof” that I did it, but the incident was recorded in my school file, and disciplinary actions were taken harshly on me.

School from that point was hell. You could imagine the names and every other sort of mean things being slung at me. No one would believe me ever because “rapist has no integrity and cannot be trusted at all”. No one would ever want to sit next to me because even the association with me was distasteful.

I was extremely close to ending my life in a couple of occasions. Even literal death was more preferable.

After 2 more years of suffering, my family moved to another state, and I went on and changed my name. Finished high school and went abroad for university degrees. Everything seems to be fine now but the damage is still there. It becomes very hard for me to trust anyone (especially female) because of the experience. I am currently in a relationship for about 2 years but there is still a trust issue between us. There is something in my head that keeps reminding me that even though everything looks great right now, my world will end the moment she wants to be nasty to me. And this time there is no starting over.

Happened to a good friend of mine during his second year of university. He hit it face on, gathered all the evidence he could, lawyered up, went round all his female friends and showed them his proof and asked for their support with character references.

He went straight to the head of his uni and laid everything on the table and asked what he needed to do and how to do it.
It’s odd. Word about the rape claim went round fairly quick but the way he wore it I’d say 80% of people believed him straight off the bat, he had a few people who confronted him etc. All he did was sit there and show the screenshots he had, the cctv footage and the witness statements from 8 of his mixed sex flat mates.
In the end he was found innocent in a court of law and he put everything behind him. He hasn’t forgotten tho it messed with him for a long time and to be honest the fact that she walked out court free after making a false rape claim is horrific, she could have ruined a mans life.

I was falsely acused of rape among two other men.

The girl acused me, her psychiatrist and a former collegue of hers.
The police file was so thick, the investigation was too hard to persue.
It was a year after i’ve met up with the girl when she pressed charges. I was called in for interogation and after a 3 hour talk with the police oficer, he pointed out that i was almost free because he knew the girl had mental issues. The only thing i had to do was to delete her nudes. I didnt have any. She showed me some on her phone. I didnt even touch her cuz i dont stick my D in crazy.
Her psychiatrist got out easy cuz her charges were based on missconduct on his part. She was kept in the hospital for 3 days, as the procedure demanded, after her attempted suicide, and she didnt like that, and so pressed charges for attempted sexual assualt, because they searched her for objects before checking her in.
Her collegue was the only one who had sex with her, she didnt feel pleasure and so rated him out to the police, admiting it was consent but didnt feel good.

At the end she got a fine, for abusing police time or something like that.
Sorry for my english

u just kinda get over it once you realize that you didn’t actually do anything wrong and block everyone involved