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[Serious] People from Internet who survived Corona, how has your daily life changed? What are the side effects after?

My first cousin and uncle got it a month back. They were in isolation for quite a few weeks. Thankfully, they didn’t really have much issues. My cousin (he’s 8) was actually excited that he got to experience something unique

If you want a variety of very extensive answers to your question, browse the history of r/COVID19positive.

My cousin had it in the spring and recovered from it but she lost partial sight in one of her eyes, some of her hair and she’s exhausted from basic things.

Mine was pretty mild—3 days of being v sick and 2 days of mild illness. Followed by 3 months of pretty bad asthma. I still have bad headaches almost every day. Since mid March!

My girlfriend was tested and found to be positive with no symptoms. She went to a “Covid Camp” for people without dire afflictions until she was tested again and declared clear. The doctors said that her lungs still have some scarring.

The shittiest thing was when she came back home. The people in her neighborhood avoided her and there are even talks of asking her family to be evicted from the housing complex.

Indonesians are superstitious people so some gossip saying that she got Corona because her dad’s money came from illegitimate sources and her mom has people whispering behind her back saying that God was unhappy with their family and brought the disease to punish them.