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[Serious] People from Internet who survived Corona, how has your daily life changed? What are the side effects after?

For me when I lost my sense of smell my cooking began to suck. Then after a week or two of cooking bad food when my sense of smell came back my food began tasting so, so, so much better. Made me realize how much I depended on my sense of smell when cooking. Also while it was worse than any flu I had it wasnt as bad as I expected I think the media kinda scared me to think that if you get it: YOU DIE.


From personally having coronavirus, nothing much has changed except being extra careful and not wanting to have it again cause of how drained it made me feel

From others, my nan died from coronavirus and later my uncle (fyi: not from corona) and we had to sell my nan’s house. It’s been terribly difficult to deal with. My dad had to get rid of stuff from her house which was the most hardest part of it all. I was pretty depressed from grief and had zero motivation to do anything, pms and periods were super hard to deal with; anything was making me burst into tears. It was a mess

Hearing my uncle saying “she’s gone” is gonna haunt me forever

I has Corona.. Felt like shit for 3 days (fever dreams with hallucinations, couldn’t leave my bed). A week later back to normal. Now about 4 months later I don’t feel like there is any permanent damage

Tasting isn’t right and I have the permanent need to clear my throat – like there’s phlegm but there isn’t.

Doctor has basically told me that’s life for me now.

I have asthma and I use my rescue inhaler more frequently now and often feel tightness in my chest similar to having an asthma attack.