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[Serious] People from Internet who survived Corona, how has your daily life changed? What are the side effects after?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: [Serious] People from MassimoL who survived Corona, how has your daily life changed? What are the side effects after?
[Serious] People from MassimoL who survived Corona, how has your daily life changed? What are the side effects after?

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I had no symptoms and only got tested because I was planning on visiting someone who is vulnerable. Turns out I had antibodies but wasn’t sick at all.

Still can’t smell or taste a thing, six months later.

Stamina seems to be cut in half. At least I stopped with the audible wheezing on every breath a couple months ago. But I’ve gone from being able to normally go out hiking 8-12 miles before March, to getting totally exhausted after four miles (less if there’s even a hint of any elevation change). Just can’t get enough oxygen in my lungs.

Not the worst thing in the world of course (so many other people have more serious long-lasting/permanent damage), but kinda sad to think this is going to be the new ‘normal’ for me, and it’s likely I won’t be able to do as much physically as I used to. Ever.

My wife and me (60&63 y) had a bronchitis that just took longer to go away than normal. Only afterwards after the test we realised it was Corona. My wife lost her smell for 2 Months, I recovered without any problems. Since we now have antibodies we’re not too afraid anymore to go out, though of course we still wear masks, disinfect and practise social distancing. So we’re pretty calm right now.

Well for me it was pretty bad. My whole family got hit.

Before we got it: We sanatized hourly. Nothing went uncleaned and we took vitamins every day. We stayed inside the house while my brother, my mom, and my dad worked. Everything was fine. We were all strong and healthy.

When We got hit: It hit me and my brother first. I couldnt taste or smell some foods and it sucked. I got coughing fits and my mom decided that we should wear masks in the house so we did. Everyone took time off from work. As my brother and I were quarenteened in our rooms we only got worse. I was having shorter breaths and worse coughing fits. then mom got sick which led to my sisters getting sick. Mom, my brother, and I got it the worst. We were soon hospitalized after we could only breath one second breaths. By the second week in the hospital I lost a lot of muscle. I didnt want to eat food at all and I felt like shit overall. I couldnt even say “I love you” over the phone to my family on the nights I thought I was going to die.

During sickness: Back home everyone was fine. They tested negative after a few weeks but my mom, brother, and I were still in the hospital. I then went on oxygen and it was easier to breath. My nurse had me do some breathing exercises on the days I was feeling good. As a month went on we broke the first barrier. They sat me up and I tried walking for the first time in forever. It was hard. Like really hard and after just standing up I had to stop. Another week went by and I could take a few steps with help. We were getting better by the day and I knew that I’d get out of the hospital.

After two months I was the first to go back. I still stayed in bed but I could sit up on my own. I tested negative. I was so happy. I did it! I beat covid.

Side effects after: A lot of things have changed. I can’t run very far and I have trouble walking long distances. I can’t get enough air to my lungs and it feels like there is a weird pain right in the middle of my lower chest area. I’m not on oxygen anymore and neither is my mom and brother. We all tested negative but we still sanatize hourly. I lost a lot of muscle during my time at the hospital and I am working to get it back. Still can’t taste and smell some things.

Over all it was the scariest and hardest experience I have faced so far. I’m only 14. Thankyou to the nurses and doctors who helped my family and I get healthy again. I dont know what would have happened if things were different.